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Criminal law has to do with relation between the misbehaving individual and his government, in other worlds in deals with wrongs considered injurious to the community, and consequently punishable by the state.
Criminal law establishes rules of conduct. Their breach, if prosecuted and if conviction follows, results in punishment. The criminal being convicted, the government takes away his freedom, or his money, or kills him.
In a criminal lawsuit, the government is a litigating party, the prosecution in Great Britain is the King or Queen, in the United States - the People. Judge and jury are also govenment, but there in no collegial consequence. The judging officers of the government, unless themselves are criminals, show no favour to the prosecuting officers.
The judges are independent of the rest of the government.
Criminal law is not directed to redress of the victim loss. Its main interest is collective, the safety of the society as a whole. Criminal law establishes prohibitions thought necessary. Having established such prohibitions criminal law tries to enforce them through penalties. Besides prosecution, criminal law, by advertising the possibility of penalty, aims to deter all of us from being engaged in the disapproved behaviour.

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There are four meals a day in an English home: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is at about 8 o'clock in the morning, and consists ofporridge with milk and salt or sugar, eggs - boiled or fried, bread and butter withmarmalade or jam. Some people like to drink tea, but others prefer coffee. Instead ofporridge they may have fruit juice, or they may prefer biscuits.
The usual time for lunch is 1 o'clock. This meal starts with soup or fruit juice. Then ...

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мне только текст нужен. Оно небольшое, около 3 минут. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9a4PvzlqoQ

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2 года назад Переведите текст пожалуйста, очень нужно с русского на немецкий, кому не трудно.)))

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